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EUC Announces Research Associate Positions

Ecological Urbanism Collaboration Announces Research Associate Positions
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Several positions are available at Peking University to work on the Ecological Urbanism Collaboration (EUC) between Peking University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
About Us
EUC is a research initiative that supports researchers working on topics related to ecological urbanism and rapid urbanization in China. The researchers will contribute to this field of knowledge by studying cultural, social, and economic issues in cities and towns, landscape architecture and urbanism, urban infrastructure, and green buildings and sustainability, among others. The project will also support researchers and faculty by enabling the international exchange of ideas through occasional conferences, seminars and workshops and enabling GSD faculty and researchers to study in the region. Researchers will work on projects that produce scholarly articles and develop design solutions and planning strategies for urban problems that have the potential to improve the quality of life in cities globally.
Position Description
Working under the direction of a PI on Harvard research projects, Research Associates will provide independent intellectual contributions towards research, which may include running experiments, recording data, performing quantitative analyses, documenting evidence, conducting literature searches, and preparing drawings. Research associates may not serve as PIs, but this may be waived by the dean for specific projects if there are compelling reasons why there are no faculty supervisors who can serve in this capacity. They may, on occasion, participate with faculty in the conduct of instruction but may not be responsible for the structure and content of a course. Research associates may not assist faculty in any professional or personal work not directly related research in the GSD. The projects areunder the oversight of the Dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape at Peking University and the Dean of GSD, Harvard University, and cooperating with involved faculties from both sides and beyond.
Fields of research
1. New Urbanization: trends and modes
China’s National New-type Urbanization Plan (2014-2020) was issued in 2014, which highlights ecological process and quality urbanization. It visions a coordinated, interactive, balanced and integrative relationship between urban-rural developments. Researchers are expected to explore these new relationship, in a holistic way, but with special focus on achieving more efficient land use, resilient cities, alleviating water, soil and waste problems, healthy cities et al, supplemented with case studies on our close city partners that harbors the prominent issues related to the research topic. The research will involve constructive dialogue with policy makers.
2. Designed Ecologies
Through demonstrative ecological design projects at various scale from national and regional infrastructural landscapes to urban blocks and green buildings, a series of designed urban and ruralecologies or man-nature ecosystems havebeen accomplished such as stormwater management green spaces, water quality remediating constructed wetlands, brown filed remediation experiments, water-resilient districts and green building typologies . Monitoring and testing their performance are essential for verifying their impacts and benefits. Researchers are expected to conduct scientific analysis of these systems,identify key processes, functional structures and spatial patterns,monitor and assess their ecological service performance on, e.g. water purification, stormwater management, land remediation, biodiversity conservation and so on.Increased knowledge is expected to bring improvement to futureplanning, design and implementation of urban ecological infrastructure.
3. Geodesign and Big Data Based Design
Deeply root in the Harvard GSD’s Computer Graphics Lab in the 1960s through 1980s, The College of Architecture and Landscape at Peking University has developed GIS-based “Negative Planning and Landscape Security Pattern” methodology, and have been applied in China at various scales. Similarly, Geodesignis an interdisciplinary research area that brings together geography, urban planning, landscapearchitecture and civil engineering and a set of digital computing (GIS, RS, GPS, BIM)and communication technologies. Researchers are expected toeither advance Geodesign tools and instruments such as visualization and simulation, or produce fruitful application through particular cases, e.g. showing complexity of ecological systems, facilitating policy making and design for land use, and guiding water planning and so on at different scales.
Minimum Requirements
? Applicants should hold anexcellent Master or doctoral degree in the geography, architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, ecologyor other sciences which are relevant with regard to the announced topic. Doctoral degree is preferred.
? A successful publication history, in particular in refereed journals, international research experience is preferred.
? Good presentation skills and excellent fluency in both spoken and written English.
Conditions of employment
? Full-time; appointed at least one-term to one year, renewable dependent upon research funding.
? Annual Salary: $ 30,000 – 50,000 USD (180,000 – 300,000 CNY) based on qualification. It is expected to cover all living expenses, medical insurance and personal travel from this stipend.
? Modernized office space, facilities and access to university library and other resources.
Please submit your complete application documents (cover letter, Curriculum Vitae with list of publications and project history, copies of diplomats and certificates) in English using the keyword “EUC_Research Associate” to Ms. Li Application deadline: October10th, 2015
If you have specific questions about the positions, please feel free to contact EUC General Administrative Office, Ms. Li Wei (

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